Share of agricultural land


Riferimento 11210
Prezzo 56.250 €
Tipologia Terreno
Contratto vendita
Comune Salemi
Mq 3.600
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

For sale share of land located in Salemi (TP). The context is open countryside, well connected to the center of the town where the main services are located, as well as to the coast, moving towards Trapani and Marsala. This is a plot in the hinterland, in the Sinagia district. Compendium B consists of non-fenced land of irregular shape, with direct access from the road, in hilly areas with a prevalent agricultural character. It appears uncultivated and subject to spontaneous vegetation. Free property. State of abandonment.Total cadastral area: 3600 square metersSUMMARY BDescribed in the appraisal as lot 5Lot 5: Fg 46 - Part 45, 252, 320 and 321 - Zone B / 3 - 3600 sqm (share 1/2) Visita l'immobile: